Have you heard that track with Melanie Amaro Featuring Fabolous? Don't be left in the "Dust" — Listen here.

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

What you are about to hear, is a different tune from the Fabolous that you may be accustomed to. He opens this track somewhat singing,

Ashes to ashes / And Dust to Dust /

Where do we go when there’s no more us? (x2)

If you haven’t heard the name Melanie Amaro, you might have to ask yourself if you’ve been living under a rock. Melanie just so happens to have taken the “W” (the win) off of X-Factor. But today, she brings her talents off stage and onto this beautiful, heartfelt track with Fab.

She absolutely showcases her singing abilities and makes us realize, once again — why she is deserving of that X-Factor crown. Listen to “Dust” with Melanie Amaro and Fabolous, below:


Fa-bo-lo-us swung by Sway in the Morning yesterday morning and blessed us with his first freestyle of the year. Peep it, kids:

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