Have you ever heard an alternative Hip Hop-gloom rock-punk band? Listen to GUMP

The “alternative Hip Hop-gloom rock-punk slop band, based in the lazy suburbs of Maryland” are back with their new single “Rainwater”.

The single is a follow up to their successful debut “Acorn”, but proves far less clunky than the band’s multi-hyphenate genre classification. “Rainwater” roots itself in rock, but feels closer to the vision that Mos Def had for his aborted band Black Jack Johnson. With verses from the group’s frontman Uno Hype, the song features additional vocals from Helen Adams and a rugged guitar solo from Tommy Westman, all whilst laced with a touch of jazz thanks to its silky smooth keys.

“Rainwater” is the second single from their upcoming debut EP, which is expected to arrive this autumn.

Take a listen below.

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