Happy 20th Anniversary to “Unrestricted,” Da Brat’s Third Album

Happy 20th Anniversary to “Unrestricted,” Da Brat’s Third Album

Happy 20th Anniversary to Da Brat and her album “Unrestricted”, Da Brat’s third studio album. It was released on April 11, 2000 and would go on to be certified platinum by the RIAA. Hit singles on the album we’re “That’s What I’m Looking a For” and “What Chu Like” featuring soul singer, Tyrese. The album also inspired a new image for Da Brat. Gone were the days of her gangster persona, she decided to add to her sex appeal. The album would peak at No.1 on the Billboard charts.  

In 1992 Da Brat met Kriss Kross after winning a Yo! MTV Raps rap contest. After that she was introduced to Jermaine Dupri who signed her and cultivated her image. She would be “The Female Snoop Dogg,” as she became known for being the first female reality based rappers. Da Brat’s debut album Funkdafied was released in 1994 by So So Def records and entered the rap albums chart at #11. “Funkdafied” sold one million copies, making her the first female solo rapper to go platinum. The single “Funkdafied” reached No. 1 on the rap singles chart and No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100. Her follow-up single from the same album, “Give It 2 You,” reached #26 on the Hot 100.

Da Brat would release her second album “Anithatantrum” in 96. She would then be called on for multiple features from both hip hop and R&B’s elite. She would be featured on multiple songs with Mariah Carey, also the classic Song “Ladies Night” featuring Lil Kim, Missy Elliot, Angie Martinez, and Left Eye of TLC. Da Brat would team up with Missy on multiple songs and also feature on remixes for Brandy and Destiny Child. All this would lead up to the release of “Unrestricted.”

Da Brat would release her third album Unrestricted, which produced the singles “That’s What I’m Looking For” which was No. 56 on the Top 200 and  “What Chu Like”  which peaked at 26 and featured Tyrese. Da Brat showcased her same lyrical ability but this time her image was softer. Her songs were not as hardcore as in the past, she seemed to be reaching for a new audience. This caused people to have mixed emotions but undoubtedly Da Brat made hit songs that pushed her album to sell over one million copies. 

Da Brat would go on to remain on the Billboard by continuing to do features. Da Brat would go on to release her last album “Limelight, Luv and Nightclubz” in 2003. After ups and downs she is now  part of the Dish Nation cast out of Atlanta. Since 2016, Da Brat has appeared on the reality TV series The Rap Game, as a mentor to young talent. In 2017 Da Brat joined the reality TV series Growing up Hip Hop: Atlanta which follows around Atlanta legends and children of Atlanta legends.

Check out Unrestricted below. 

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