Gucci Mane Pulls a 2Pac Verse Out the Stash for New Track “On Me”

The entire rap world screamed “Free Gucci” so much it became a piece of the culture at one point, you just knew his fans wanted their star back as soon as possible. When that day came, he immediately began to drop new collabs and music he had stashed away for some time. It wouldn’t be hard to believe he has well over 15 albums worth of material on standby. We’ll get a new one July 22 as ‘Everybody Lookin‘ is set to drop.

The Atlanta staple pays homage to the one and only 2pac with his new drop “On Me”. Snatching up a quick verse to¬†add a crazy energy to the track. There is no way to describe how it feels hearing another Pac verse especially in moments like Alton Sterling.

Check it out!

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