Greg Dybec Is Relatable in “The Art of Living Other People’s Lives”

Here on, we’re more than music, we’re about the culture. And that’s exactly what Greg Dybec, managing editor at Elite Daily, represents – the relatable culture.

Not only is he a writer on the interwebz, but this impressive creative is also gearing up to release a new book, The Art of Living Other People’s Lives: Stories, Confessions, and Memorable Mistakes.

In THE ART OF LIVING OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES, Greg delivers a funny, brash, and insightful collection of twenty never-before-published stories on becoming a pick-up artist to get over an ex-girlfriend, late-night adventures with his Uber drivers, learning to cope with his grandmother’s dementia, and more.

Learn more about Greg and his upcoming book in his latest interview with FORBES, and grab your copy here on January 3, 2017. Follow @gregdybec for more.

Art of Living Cover

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