Sway Makes Them His "Citizens" while The Grammy's Have Nominated Them For The Greatest Awards in Music for 2015

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Can you smell it in the air? I’m not talking about the smog here in L.A. — I’m talking about the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, silly!

The 2015 Grammy Nominee’s are printed out in ink and rolled out to dry. That makes tomorrow judgement day.

Probably with no surprise, Sway In The Morning only puts on the realest of the real in the game. Lo and behold, many of the nominee’s of this years 2015 Grammy Awards, just so happen to be Sway In The Morning Citizens, as well!

Let’s go over a few Citizens who have landed nominations in at least one of the categories announced.

Today we’re going to take it back one time, to some of the Citizens/Nominee’s greatest moments on Sway In The Morning, in recognition for their well-deserved places as nominee’s:


Let’s begin with the happy, Pharrell Williams. His album titled, “Girl” is nominated for Album Of The Year and during his stop to speak with Sway In The Morning, Pharrell brought his happy vibes along with him. Watch as he opens up about his worldwide acclaimed single “Happy” which may be a critical reason for his nomination of “Album of the Year” — take a listen as he tells all about how it happened:

Iggy Azalea on the other hand is killing the roster for the 2015 Grammy’s Awards.
Say what you want about this woman, but she showcased her natural talents free-styling on Sway In The Morning, with a special appearance by ATL.’s finest, T.I.P. Peep it:

The soulful John Legend who is up for many Grammy Awards this year — one in particular is “Best Pop Solo Performance” — performed on Sway In The Morning, and in true John legend form, even gets Sway to sing too! In a 4 part interview with Sway, John Legend also explains how he met 2015 Grammy Performer, Kanye West. Watch as this soulful man ends up free styling over a bit Sway throws at him — which only solidifies his well-deserved presence in and out of the Grammy Nominations:


The nominee’s for Best Rap Performance has Childish Gambino, Drake, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Lecrae penciled in. Lecrae is one artist who may have a lot of industry folks questioning his position in the category. But you know what, he’s going to make you think twice, as Lecrae absolutely kills the “5 Fingers of Death” on Sway In The Morning — this made him a Citizen, right here:


Now, Best Rap Album has a ridiculous line-up for nominee’s — as it should. We hold high standards for this and amongst the roster are Iggy Azalea with “The New Classic”, Childish Gambino “Because The Internet”, the one and only — Common with “Nobody’s Smiling” – Eminem for “The Marshall Mathers LP2” and TDE’S Schoolboy Q with “Oxymoron.”

This is a tough one to highlight because (of course) Sway had a few of them throwing down bars off of the dome. So let’s just highlight a few.

Childish Gambino is also known as “Donald Glover” he is a character in his own right. Watch him freestyle over Drake’s “Pound Cake” — making it look ridiculously easy:

Common — who is very easy on the eyes, is also very easy on the ears. It’s hard not to be in favor of this man with his humble aura. Nontheless, Common came by SWITM as a Citizen to let his talents speak for him. Wack rappers come through Sway In The Morning looking all kinds of nervous over this game — but watch as Common comfortably flows off the dome as Sway throws random topics at him to rap about during “5 Fingers of Death”:

In woo of Grammy Award competition, compare that to another SWITM Citizen — Schoolboy Q — on his hilarious flow through “5 Fingers of Death”:


This last one may just be the most important part of this article. Watch how history began on Sway In The Morning, in this huge and very pivotal moment in Rap and Hip-Hop history. It was Sway’s very first day on Shade 45 and Sir, Eminem — who is also up for Best Rap Album of the 2015 Grammy Awards, calls in just to welcome Sway to Shade 45. It’s beautiful seeing things come full circle:


We may have missed a few to highlight, but Sway has pretty much covered half of the nominee’s on the 2015 Grammy Awards roster. As we wish all artists’ good luck on their judgement day (tomorrow), you better believe we are rooting for Sway In The Morning Citizens, through and through.

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