Grace Gealey Interview: Running With the Lyons, Starting Her Career Doing Theatre & Empire Rumors and Honest Thoughts on the Cast

The long awaited second season of FOX’s new smash hit “Empire” is coming next week (Sept 23) and we could not be more excited (especially Sway).  To get the citizens ready for the premiere we brought in the one and only Grace Gealey aka Anika to speak on her experience working with some of Hollywood’s best and how she started her career.

While both Gealey and Taraji P. Henson and being referred to by their Empire alias’ while in public now, the two have come from very different places.  Instead of being an instant headliner for the show like Henson, Gealey came up the ranks through Broadway and has turned heads like crazy over the last year.  Gealey reveals to us that she has been auditioning for films during the “Empire” off-season and has even had to turn some roles down, some for her prior commitments and others because of her strong belief system.

Sharing a bit of what she believes in we hear Gealey speak on her thought process when deciding on a role and what your mind set has to be to make it in the business and not be pigeon holed.  A truly brilliant mind and talented actress, make sure to watch the whole interview and tune into “Empire” on FOX next week.

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