Going, Going Back to Back to Cali: NFL Approves Rams Move to Los Angeles

Going, Going Back to Back to Cali: NFL Approves Rams Move to Los Angeles

The Wood. Inglewood. That is where the Rams will officially call home.

After leaving Los Angeles in 1995 to enter the St. Louis market, it appears as if NFL owners have finally agreed to allow the Rams to return to the city which they were birthed. Effective immediately they will begin playing home games in LA but their Inglewood stadium won’t be ready until 2019. It took years of planning, months of building a sound plan that would gain the league’s approval and hours of negotiations to earn the necessary number of nods.

Those negotiations included another two NFL franchises possibly making the same jump, the San Diego Chargers have an option to move to LA as well but have to work out a few things with the Rams (leasing for the new stadium will be a shared agreement). The Oakland Raiders were also in the discussions but looks to be on the outside looking in which may not be a bad thing with an offer of $100M for stadium renovations to stay put.

It remains to be seen if the Rams will be joined by the Chargers and what the plan will consist of for the Raiders BUT one thing we do know. The Rams are going, going…back to back…to Cali, Cali. LA deserves a NFL team and what better franchise to give them than their baby. Running Back Todd Gurley is about to become a SUPERSTAR, remember these words.

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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