Glasses Malone brings Dom Kennedy in for this "After Hours" tune

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

When Glasses Malone spits, it’s an incomparable sound. Same can be said for Cali’s beloved, Dom Kennedy. This track is obviously meant for “After Hours” just as the title suggests, while Glasses Malone raps the chorus:

2 A.M. n*gga’s leavin’ the club / 3 A.M. n*gga’s stoppin’ for grub / 4 A.M. b*tches makin’ their choice / 5 A.M. now I’m makin’ her moist / 6 A.M. got her flexin’ her joints / 6:15 I’m so sick of her voice /I kick her out, call up a friend / 12A.M. we gon’ do it again n*gga

Now, if we used our imaginations and played out exactly what Glasses just spit out — it’s actually quiet funny (and possibly very true for some of you). Anyway, Dom Kennedy does his thing and his bars of the liquor store and girls from his hood, are completed with his famous mellow Cali. flow.

Karmina-Glasses-DomListen to “After Hours” below:


Yo, low-key — the background instrumentals to this track released by Glasses and Dom, mirrors John Legend’s “Number One” instrumentals — with a few minor changes and deeper bass guitar additions.

Listen to “Number One” by John Legend and correct me if I’m wrong. But give your girl credit, if she’s right!

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