Give Your Modern Phone A Retro Twist With Elago’s M4 Stand For iPhone’s

Sure, the future is here, but you wouldn’t know it based on the latest design from the good folks over at Elago. Today we get our first look at Elago’s M4 Stand For iPhone’s. This unique and striking design turns your modern device into a retro inspired classic that takes us all the back to 1984. Inspired by those legendary Mac’s of yesteryears, the design is 5.8 inches long, 4.3 inches wide, and 5 inches tall.

The easy to use design lets you slide your phone into the silicon face, connect it to a BlueTooth keyboard and use until your heart’s content. The design will take you back in time, offering up something small and functional in the process. Check out the phone stand in the images and speak your thoughts on it after the jump. Head over to Elago to learn more right now!

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