Gill Gatsby Speaks on Balancing a 9 to 5 With a Rap Career, How His Name Came About & Kills an Off The Top Freestyle

First jumping on Sway’s radar during his time on The Wake Up Show with King Tech, Gill Gatsby is back again to showcase his raw talent as his speaks to us about working a full time job and managing a rap career.

With his new project “Employee of the Month” out now, Gatsby talks about working a 9 to 5 job and how that plays into his album title.  Revealing that he only travels to play shows and do press when he has time off, Gatsby jokes that you can’t pay your Sprint bill with a hot 16.

Originally going by Gilligan, we hear that Gill Gatsby came out of a freestyle he spit that went over incredibly well with a crowd.

Taking trash to the curb like Sanford and Son/ they call me great where you think they got Gatsby from?

Bars!  Check out Gill Gatsby’s exclusive interview and freestyle below and make sure to keep up on Twitter @GillGatsby.

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