Giada de Laurentiis Interview: The Love of Italy in the Kitchen + New Book ‘Happy Cooking Make Every Meal Count’

Food, the new love language.

We all love home cooking but not many households serve it up quite like ‘Giada at Home’ via the Food Network. The amazing Italian specialty chef, author and mother Giada de Laurentiis stopped by Sway in the Morning to hang out (not to mention make us all hungry in the process).

Far from a typical chef, she constantly lets the world into her home sharing new dishes and has extended it into several popular books including her latest ‘Happy Cooking Make Every Meal Count’. The eighth in her collection comes from a very special place in Giada’s heart serving as a reminder of why she began cooking in the first place and the genuine joy it brings.

That Italy love extends beyond just the kitchen and into an everyday way of life. Even Sway caught an elderly couple or two in the park kissing (during his trip for the EMAs) like nobody was watching but according to Giada it is just how they interact naturally – “Hot Blooded People”…passionate for sure.

Enjoy the full interview below.

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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