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One thing that can be said about G.LA.M is that she works hard. Rapper/Producer/Visionary and I can go on with the slashes but the point is all is essential towards her goal. Her name explains her vision and for that she has been rewarded. Recently she inked a deal with newly found company “Over Deliver Entertainment” which fan and pioneer to hip hop Sway Calloway has helped and made possible. So what’s next, well more good lyrics and music her album is slated to come out soon and hopefully the world will be introduced the same way thingsgregsees was with quality and not quantity. Get to know GLAM below.

TGS: I know you explained your name is an acronym meaning “Good Lyrics And Music” (G.L.A.M.) but can you explain that a little bit further? Is your aim to make just feel good songs/music or the best music out?

G: Good Lyrics and Music, short and sweet. That’s my mission statement for the lane I’m currently building. I believe in making good songs/music and having “the best music out”. The best music out according to whom though? Radio? Consumers? I’m making music for everybody.

TGS: You come from a musical family but are there any current influences that you draw your inspiration from either as an artist or producer?

G: Any producer that you can name that’s current or not that has influenced the game, has influenced me in some shape or form. It’s the same with artists, whether it has influenced me good or bad. Missy, Lauryn, Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins just to name literally a FEW influences Q-Tip and Pharrell too.

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