The world of gaming and pro sports are becoming closer and closer these days. Today the word on the e-streets is that the NBA has launched a 2k eLeague, making it the first of the four major sports to do so. Alongside Take-Two Interactive Software, the parent company for 2K Games, the NBA will compile some of the best NBA 2k players in the world to represent 30 pro teams. The gamers will then battle in their own 82 game league aiming to advance to a playoff where the top teams will compete for a large sum of money in the championship.

Word is the finale will “most likely” take place in a pro arena. NBA commissioner Adam Silver spoke on the project, stating “There’s going to be an opportunity for this first of a kind league to attract a group of gamers who might be playing some other game. Now, they can say ‘Maybe I couldn’t play for the Knicks, because I didn’t have the physical prowess to compete at that level. But I do have the mental and physical prowess to compete as an egamer for the eKnicks.” The inaugural season is slated for 2018, and the eLeague will soon begin recruiting gamers to take part in a “virtual version of a combine” which would then be followed by a draft. Things will start with 8-12 teams though the league will eventually have all 30 NBA teams involved. Speak your thoughts on the news in the comments below and stay tuned for much more on this coming very soon!

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