Get In The Game

“Get in the Game” with Vegas MC Doc ThaMADMan

Sway’s legendary career has allowed him to open the door to some of today’s biggest acts on the Wake Up Show, like, Tupac, Eminem and many more. Fast forward to current day, Sway and the squad are still holding the keys to the gate and featuring up-and-coming artists on Sway in the Morning who are hungry to get in the game.

Today, we meet Doc ThaMADMan, a hyena from Las Vegas, Nevada who’s laced up — should he get in the game or sit on the bench? Catch his tracks, “Free Lunch” and “Sound of the Man” below and keep up with him on Twitter: @DocThaMadMan

Wanna submit your music to Sway in the Morning’s “Get in the Game” segment? Email, send your song, bio and phone number.

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