Get in the Game Artist: O’Hene Savant

Get in the Game Artist: O’Hene Savant

When you get a chance to see these popular artists crafting beautiful music it is in no way an accident. It comes from countless hours of studying the art, down to chords used when producing a beat. That focus and love for music is rare when it comes to artists looking to Get in the Game but not here, not with Oh Hene Savant (@OheneSavant).

Being raised with a father figure who was a classical pianist, there was an early opportunity to develop a different love for music. It immediately translated into understanding the samples being used in music from our favorite producers like Dr. Dre but instead of biting styles, he chose to study the instrumentation being used in those samples as well as developing his own skilled way of making it fresh and translating it through his music.

A “genius” to Cornel West and a “son” to Rita Marley, he definitely has the resume but more importantly he has developed the ability/skill to match it. Definitely another great addition to our “Get in the Game” segment, something tells us he will be in the mix for years to come.

Check out the full interview and get a taste of his music above.

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