Get A Perfect Shot With The FlowMotion Smartphone Stabilizer

Our smartphone has turned us all into amateur photographers. While we all have our own technique to snapping shots with our smartphones, The FlowMotion Smartphone Stabilizer changes the game. This outstanding and functional design lets you put an end to shaky videos and blurry photos, offering up a perfect shot every time!

The FlowMotion Smartphone Stabilizer lets you securely mount your device then choose from three settings; pan mode, lock mode or pan + tilt mode. Each of the three offers different levels of kinetic movement letting your phone stay fixed in play for a smooth shot every time. If that wasn’t enough, the stabilizer is equipped with auto follow, motion time-lapse and panorama features while even boasting Facebook and YouTube streaming compatibility. This is certain to take your videos and photos to the next level, and effortless. Have a closer look at the FlowMotion Smartphone Stabilizer below and learn more about the design on Kickstarter.

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