George Zimmerman Suffers Facial Injuries In Non-Fatal Shooting

Former neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, who first rose to notoriety after being acquitted in the 2013 death of Trayvon Martin, was shot in the face after a heated exchange with a motorist turned violent in Lake Mary, Florida. Suffering only minor injuries, Zimmerman was able to flag down a passing officer following the assault.

According to police the gunman, identified as Matthew Apperson, has been involved in an ongoing dispute dating back at least a year after Zimmerman reportedly threatened to kill him and authorities have yet to speak with him or file any formal charges.

Although Zimmerman is not thought to have been the aggressor the incident follows a string of brushes with the law including a previous domestic violence charge.

Matthew Apperson Following The Shooting

Used as justification during Trayvon Martin’s trial, it will be interesting to see whether Florida’s infamous “Stand Your Ground” law could be applicable in this case. Apperson’s lawyer Mark NeJame said, “I am extremely confident that this will show Apperson acted in self-defense.” 

This story is still developing.


New reports reveal that George Zimmerman was injured by flying glass caused by a window and police have also revealed that Zimmerman has had several other run-ins with motorists in which he allegedly brandished a weapon.

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