George Lopez on Spending 6-Figures on a Horse as a Gift, Funny Cosby Impressions & New Movie "Spare Parts"

Comedian, radio personality, actor and producer, George Lopez, stopped by Sway in the Morning during his Spare Parts movie promo-run. The movie is an underdog true-story that involves the plight of illegal immigrants, that built an underwater robot, took it to a national robotics competition and beat MIT — which hits theaters today,

Lopez also joins us for Tracy G’s Celebrity Wire and weighs in on more Cosby allegations, even making the topic lighter with his funny, on-point, Cosby impressions!

We also learn that George and Sway have a lot in common — their teenage daughters ride together in the world of equestrians. He even breaks down that horse costs somewhere in the realm of 6-figures.

Watch funny-man George Lopez on Sway in the Morning below, and watch his new movie, Spare Parts, in theaters NOW!

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