The Legendary Hip-Hop Duo: Camp Lo Speak on Culture & Pioneers of Hip-Hop + Skibeatz Speaks on The Importance of Incomparable Energy, Not Following The "Drake" Crowd & Being Corny

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

This Hip-Hop duo formed way back in 1995–  and of course, Sway had interviewed them back then too.

In fact, Camp Lo recalls back on times with Sway on KMEL where Geechi Suede tells his story, vividly recalling exactly what he was wearing that day.  Must have been memorable and important to him, if he can do that!

Geechi Suede and Sonny Cheeba make up the group Camp Lo reigning from the Bronx, New York. In this in-studio series, Geechie gets philisophical while Sonny brings out his best 3-Piece suit; while joined by the legendary, Skibeatz.

Camp Lo speak on their latest project, Ragtime, High Times (In a Padded Room of Pink Elephants, Playing With Spiked Mushrooms).

Sonny Cheeba explains that the addition of title in the latter, to the album (specifically “Padded Room“) — being crazed out in a padded room? Means, the need to release your energy.

The difference from their sound way-back-when, to their sound in their latest project, feels the closest to home and how they first emerged. Yet Sonny admits that their biggest hurdle, has been the constant comparison of their new music versus their first album.

Furthermore, Skibeatz preaches in-studio about the importance of art in music and knowing your history, telling Sway that the music industry tend to follow trends. For example, he states that everyone wants to sound like Drake now and it’s corny and disposable — going on to say that,

Real music is timeless.

Skibeatz also explains that when he made the beat for “The Black Jesus” with Camp Lo — he just felt it and went with the flow and states,

We just vibe off each other.

It’s always a beautiful thing to see mutual respect for one another work and art. This sit-down with Camp Lo, Skibeatz and the Sway In The Morning crew:

Sonny sparks the light to this fire show where Cheeba cleanly intertwines his flows to this beautiful performance, below. One of Sonny’s bars spit:

Fast car, freeway /

Engine rev’n, relay /

Bunny on my side

Sway stops him at his tracks to end that fire, and start a new one — as Camp Lo proceed to do work over 9th Wonder beats, below:

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