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Geechi Suede Talks, “The Get Down Brothers,” Working With Will Smith + Input On The Project From Sonny Cheeba

Today we would like to introduce a legend in hip-hop, and New York, Hip-hop, Geechi Suede. Geechi Suede is back today to discuss his upcoming album. “The Get Down Brothers,” is set to release Friday the 13th. This album was set up over the last 3 years by Suede releasing mixtapes that were created to be a prelude to the album. “This album we went a totally different direction,” said Suede.

It’s been a few years since Suede has dropped a project, so the anticipation for this next project is pretty high. Sway mentions in the interview how popping Camp Lo’s come up was, even towards the fact they got to work with Will Smith. Suede talks how interesting it was to work with Will Smith, but he wasn’t in the studio when they got to collaborate with him.

Towards the interview Sonny calls Geechi back and gives us more insight on the project. “The new sound is structured around the same thing we’re used to doing, not sounding like nobody,” said Sonny.

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