Garry Marshall on Producing Happy Days, The Odd Couple and Other Classics, Filming with Taylor Swift, Redd Foxx Influence and Meeting Satchel Paige

Garry Marshall is someone every writer should look up to when it comes to consistently writing and producing successfully. We don’t mean one show here and there, we mean decades of quality on the screen. Everything from The Jack Paar Show (1960) to a recent TV series ‘See Dad Run’ (2014). In between that 40+ year span, he helped create memories for generations through Gomer Pyle, The Odd Couple, Laverne & Shirley, Happy Days and many others!

The level of respect in the room was evident from the beginning of the interview as the crew went into fan mode, knowing they grew up watching a lot of these shows and he has been doing it longer than some of us have been breathing. Longevity is always impressive to see when it comes to creativity, how many times can you reach into that gift and produce results that others enjoy watching or listening to in the case of artists. One of the greatest at doing that actually influenced Garry heavily, Redd Foxx through Sanford and Son.

Mr. Marshall also had a chance to cross over into the music world recently working with Taylor Swift who he directed in a film. What a team! Before he left, we had to find out how his sister Penny Marshall has been doing and he also tells us about a special time meeting Satchel Paige while she worked on a story about the Negro League getting started.

So much talent and wisdom in one room. Great advice from the great man “Never think you’re doing well, never get cocky and start thinking you’re a big shot”. Timeless words that will keep us all working towards greatness. Check out the full interview above:


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