Gangsta Boo asks again, "Can I Get Paid"? Part II of Stripper's Anthem

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

The Memphis, Tennessee native (and previous Three 6 Mafia member) Gangsta Boo had previously released a track titled “Can I Get Paid” — off of her last project Both Worlds *69 where Gangsta Boo brought in acts such as DJ Paul and Juicy J.

It seems as though the people that owe her money didn’t quiet hear her the first time when she asked if she could get paid, because that southern hospitality we all know — has been thrown out the window in this sequel.

Seven years later, Gangsta Boo returns with ” Can I Get Paid, PART II ” (to come off of her future project titled, Candy Diamonds). Boo even got Houston’s pride and joy: BeatKing, to produce this latest track which makes for an interesting collaborative release on both parties.

As previously stated — the southern hospitality is long gone, as this latest track is filled with hard bass heavy hard-hitting instrumentals and lyrics that will make your “butt cheeks clap“. Make your booty clap as you listen Gangsta Boo’s latest, below:


Around this time last year, Gangsta Boo dropped by Sway in the Morning to promote her new album with La Chat, Witch. Boo talked about how she caters to her man off stage. Additionally, she revealed why her rap partner in crime, La Chat, is the definition of “ratchet“. The Memphis MC also previewed her new song with La Chat and Mia X, “Bitchy.” Additionally, she talked about how Lord Infamous’ death helped mend things with Juicy J.

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