G-Eazy Drops 5 Track EP ‘B-Sides’

G-Eazy Drops 5 Track EP ‘B-Sides’

Catchy modernized trap production and instrumentals along with a subject matter that all of Gerald’s avid listeners will find familiar; G-Eazy’s B-Sides will please any diehard fan. The five-track EP likely serves as a taste to an upcoming follow-up album to 2017’s record, The Beautiful And Damned. The album credits feature from Ty Dolla $ign, London On Da Track, T-Pain, ALLBLACK, Offset Jim, and Tyga.

On the opening track, “All Facts” featuring Ty Dolla $ign, the two artists detail the complications and potential toxicity a relationship can entail as a celebrity. Here G-Eazy states, “won’t get petty on the ‘Gram ‘cause that’s what you do” and “never thought she’d do that for the clout but who knew?” Ty Dolla $ign explains the hesitancy he’s had in a relationship, going on to state that “I admit it, first I didn’t think we’d get this far. You said ‘Promise one thing, cut them, bitches, off’. I took you to Dover Street and bought you VETEMENTS. All the jewelry and the money, that ain’t shit to you. I know we both booked and busy, we got shit to do. We used to make time, just to vibe…”

The second track, “Got A Check”, features a chorus from T-Pain, which works surprisingly well with G-Eazy’s laid back vocals. With a pretty basic subject matter throughout and somewhat repetitive cadences, the rest of the song isn’t my personal cup of tea, but if you’re a die-hard G-Eazy it’s sure to find a place on your playlist – although I must admit that the line “velcro, velcro, I’m always strapped” from Offset Jim did give me a good laugh.

The Tyga assisted “Bang” is by far the most memorable song of the EP. With a catchy hook and braggadocios verses, this is exactly the type of song you’d expect from G-Eazy and Tyga – and I’m all here for it! While the subject matter of flexing money and picking up women isn’t exactly all too entertaining for me, the song is so damn catchy! It’ll definitely be on my 2019 playlist.

While “Bang” may be the most memorable, “Spectacular Now” is by far a fan favorite. The topic of self-reflection is one that G-Eazy doesn’t do all too often, but when he does – it works very well. An introspective song, “Spectacular Now” sees Gerald reminisce on his life before money and fame in an attempt to be more thankful for his current position in life. If you’re a fan of this song like me, take a listen to “Eazy” off of The Beautiful And Damned.

The last song, simply titled “It’s Eazy” (not at all related to “Eazy”) honestly feels like a filler track and isn’t all for me. The instrumental is nice and the hook is somewhat catchy, but the subject matter is very simple and repetitive. The line “yes, that’s a lil flex. You got cereal money, what’s that? Some lil checks” is quite clever and funny though. You definitely have to give this one a few more listens to see if it’ll grow on you, but it just feels like it needed a little more time to come together.

The EP as a whole is pretty enjoyable and if you’re a fan of G-Eazy’s other works, you’ll definitely like this one too! If this is any sense of what is to come on Gerald’s next album, I certainly can see myself finding some tracks to replay. If you haven’t listened to the EP, you really can’t go wrong as it’s just fifteen minutes. Standout songs are definitely “Bang” and “Spectacular Now”. Are you feeling B-Sides? What are your favorite tracks?

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