Futuristic Talks “As Seen On The Internet,” Using Influencers to Push Content + Growing Up in a Mixed Race Family

Hailing from Arizona, Futuristic has been grinding for more than a decade, something he details in his new track “Anti-Social.” Joining Sway in the Morning last week he talked through his August 26th release of his new project “As Seen On The Internet.”

Bringing together Internet influencers he’s upped his budget on the project to cross promote with people with substantial social media followings. Pushing videos for every track he talks to Sway about the project’s main focus which he’s been perfecting for years.

Breaking down his lead single, “Anti-Social,” Futuristic talks about coming up in Arizona. Having a huge fan base in his home state he says he also receives the most hate their from people that attack him for being gone too much. Attributing some absence to touring most of the year and progressing on his climb to the top he talks about leaving haters behind.

Born in Bloomington, Illinois, Futuristic talks about growing up in a mixed-race family. Often getting blamed for his white friend’s mishaps he explains how growing up was tough. He even opens up about getting arrested while attending a charity event in Bloomington after a cop handed him a ticket for walking on the street.

During the rest of his time on the show Futuristic talks about ascending from ‘nerd rap’ and being done banging out girls that have boyfriends, whoops!

Watch above and keep up with Futuristic on Twitter @OnlyFuturistic.

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