Funniest Social Media Posts of Super Bowl XLIX

Funniest Social Media Posts of Super Bowl XLIX

Super Bowl XLIX wrapped up last night with the New England Patriots taking the title 28-24 on a last second interception on the goal line to deny Seattle a touchdown. Between the drama of the close game, the always famous commercials and Katy Perry’s immaculate half-time performance with Missy Elliot, some of social media’s finest were out in full force to analyze every move. We have compiled some of the funniest and biggest hits on social media from the big game.

Fall Out Boy took full advantage of the dancing sharks to promote their current single, “Uma Thurman.”

Although Uncle Snoop didn’t get the call up to perform “California Gurls” with Katy Perry, he seems to have found a way to get on stage.

Others took to Katy Perry’s outfit for their jokes, the patented “Y’all catch my mixtape mentality” hit full force here.

Because I don't care about the super bowl I missed this! Damm #nailedit

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Does the star Katy Perry was riding look familiar to anyone?

And to top things off, Anna Kendrick’s Twitter feed was on another level last night. From Katy Perry to the game to the commercials.

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