Full Eminem Interview on Sway in the Morning

Full Eminem Interview on Sway in the Morning

There was an immediate pause on the internet today once we released Eminem’s incomparable 6-minute off-the-top freestyle.

One of the G.O.A.T — and Sway’s homie — stopped by Sway in the Morning to talk about the new movie he’s Executive Producing, Southpaw, but of course we had to get some music-talk in there.

Em was in-studio with his manager, lawyer and longtime friend, Paul Rosenberg — and for the first time ever, we hear about how they met and what made Paul decide to work with him. These two even switch roles in-front of us. Hilarious.

We also hear about Eminem’s Detroit-days and why him and his friends adopted alter-egos; hence the birth of Slim Shady. It was Proof’s idea, after he took a trip to New York to potentially get signed, he was inspired, called his homies and created the group “Dirty Dozen” with DeNaun Porter, Bizarre, Eminem and other top-notch MCs from the D.

“Proof’s going to New York, and he’s gonna come back, and when he comes back to Detroit, he’s gonna come back for us.” These were Eminem’s thoughts around that time, also sharing that they all believed Proof was going to be the one to “make-it” out of Detroit first.

We don’t often hear about Eminem’s producer-side. While in-studio with Sway, he talks about producing Renegade and Moment of Clarity for Jay-Z (credit goodsky). And although he loves whippin’ up beats, MCing will always be his first love — for now.

Watch below for more, plus make plans this weekend to watch his new movie Southpaw starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams

Watch the Southpaw Official Trailer below.

Missed Em’s DOPE 6-minute freestyle?! Watch here:

  1. As an artist, I feel like Marshall has gone through as much growth as Michael Jackson. Excellent interview, Sway. #longlivetheturban

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