From Twitter to Sway in the Morning: Just Juice Freestyles over 5 Fingers of Death

Last year, rapper on the rise, Just Juice hit Sway on Twitter asking to rap on Sway in the Morning. After catching Sway’s attention, he gave him a shot online and asked Citizens if he should give him a chance…

Months later, here we are! All the way from Boston, Just Juice made his way to Sway’s Shade 45 morning show to set out his goal — to rap live on-air!

Before we got to the bars though, we wanted to get him a little better. From family life, to school, balancing life and becoming homies with Logic, we talked about it all.

Peep the interview and 5 Fingers of Death below. Let us know what you think and follow @JustTheJuice for more.

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