You’ve seen the movie ‘Dope’ right? There are more stories out there similar to his, more stories of African American students excelling in the classroom despite what may be deemed as cool or lame. But, as Tracy G put it during the interview “Smart is the new Sexy”. Our guest Ahmad Akintunde exceeded expectations coming from Oakland scoring a 2100 on his SAT matched with a 5.0 GPA and became a target for Harvard, Yale along with many others.

How many of struggled while taking the SAT? How many were confident while taking it? Now, how many of you can imagine dealing with the pressures of taking it with hopes of going to an Ivy League School while grieving over your closest family member being shot? That is a defining moment in life, where the circumstances either make you or break you and Akintunde came out like a diamond through the pressure earning a trip to Yale.

Given the brilliant mind and extreme work ethic, you know the woman have him on their radar the same way those admission teams did. So how does he balance it all, what keeps him focused and what are deal breakers? He lets us in on not only his climb to Yale but the lifestyle on campus, which is lacking African American representation. But, as himself and others continue to reach those steps for Freshman Orientation it will teach others to be unafraid in reaching their education goals despite any outside noise or doubt from those who just may not understand you want more out of life.

Salute Ahmad Akintunde, keep up the great work and exposing the community to possibilities they may have never seen as “realistic”.

Published by Larry Simmons Jr

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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