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Freida Pinto Speaks on Civil and Music History, Which Hip-Hop Artists She Listens To + “Gorilla” TV Series

You know her from the 81st Academy Award Winning Best Picture Slum Dog Millionaire, and now she’s back with the TV series, Gorilla, alongside co-star Idris Elba — and came by Sway in the Morning to talk about it.

While in-studio, this knowledgeable bombshell speaks on the parallels of Gorilla and political, civil and music history, rattling off historical facts to back up her statements.

Watch below as Freida speaks on which hip-hop artist she loves listening to and while R&B Pop singer she sings along to in the shower.

Catch the Gorilla TV series debuting April 16 at 9p ET on Showtime, plus keep up with @FreidaPinto on IG.

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