FRIDAY FIRE with JR Writer, DNA and Jinx Cruz

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By : Angela Littlefield

Fridays wouldn’t be the same without Friday Fire. The cypher continues with JR Writer’s Return To Greatness , Jinx Cruz’s Brooklyn Swamp, and DNA’s “No One Knows.” All these artists entered into Pluto and took off like a rocket into Sway’s Universe as they rhymed to fresh beats not just once, but twice.
JR Writer is continuing to work on his music. Currently his mixtape Return To Greatness has over 30,000 downloads, and he is coming out with a new mixtape titled Writer’s Block 6. Of course Brooklyn rapper Jinx Cruz blessed the mic with his fast paced rhymes and quick references, so make sure you don’t miss his performance at the Extreme Freshman Tour. DNA destroyed the microphone and simply left with a question every Hip Hop fan wants to know, who has the answers?

And we all know these “aliens be very judgmental,” said Sway; especially the ones in New York City.

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