Friday Fire Cypher: Tony Neal Joins as Prez P, Travis Bowe, Banger Yours Truly and Kevin AntoniYo Take Turns Over DJ Skizz Production

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One of the most diverse groups of hyenas to come through in awhile, showed up and didn’t disappoint when it comes to dropping that Friday Fire Cypher heat. As legendary Tony Neal watched on, the select group of MCs put their skill to the test over some crazy production.

You know its a special day when the one and only Tony Neal comes by to witness our Friday Fire Cypher firsthand agreeing that a few of these artists have put together a special team. Which one though? Check out the interview below to find out! You know you’re doing something right when he says you are.

Banger Yours Truly from Fayetteville, North Carolina has been at it since days of The Lox. At one point having situations in place with both Cash Money and Sony, he’s now taking a different approach and one that includes bars first. Check him out:

Prez P (@PrezP_BeCampin) is definitely one of the most consistent hyenas that we’ve come across to date. Always early and always brings that fire. It’s not overly surprising that Miami has talent like him but his style is very much so. You typically expect artists to cater to that nightclub lifestyle there but he chose a different route and it is paying off. Enjoy it right here as we premiere a brand new joint called “Black Queen“.

Another artist that comes from that same cloth as Prez P is his often called on partner in rhyme Travis Bowe. The two hooked up and put together some great music, some funk recently, but what about the bars? No where else will see an MC call himself a real spitter and not be put on the spot, especially not during the Friday Fire Cypher. Watch below as he comes through in the clutch.

What good are dope rhymes without that quality production to support it? No worries here as DJ Skizz (@DjSkizz) made sure we had proper background music for these hyenas to lace the mic properly. From rocking with Statik to Sway in the Morning, we’re definitely covered! Listen in as he talks coming off some pretty dope tours before coming through to drop off some one of a kind beats:

Kevin AntoniYo (@KevinAntoniYo) came through and represented for one of the most talented spots on the map without a doubt, Brooklyn. We all recognize the greatness that grew from the borough through the likes of Jay, BIG and Fab but another NYC spitter influence him growing up – Lloyd Banks. Hard to say you’re a fan of punchlines and not have love for Banks! With that type of background and admiration for a well placed rewindable quote he had no choice but to go hard.

Now that you’ve had a chance to get introduced to everyone individually, peep what they did as a unit for this week’s edition of Friday Fire Cypher.

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

  1. Prez P really sounded like he was freestyling unlike some Artist who sound as if they prepared a rhyme beforehand. I did notice that he was kind of trying to sound like Jay Z. At least one of his styles because he has so many. That beat was pretty smooth.

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