Friday Fire Cypher: Oswin Benjamin, Kay Shine and DNA Raise The Bar Once Again

Home of the Hyenas, where the bars still matter most. Every now and then some get a little hungrier than others. Week in and week out, the word “average” has become non-existent as these artists aren’t coming for any spot other than number one. So if you’re not attacking hungry with something to prove like a young Tyson, you may not want to step anywhere near the Friday Fire Cypher.

Kay Shine and DNA are no strangers to showcasing the bars on a big stage, if you caught the 2015 BET Hip Hop Awards Live Cypher you may have noticed a couple of familiar faces. It’s one thing to impress that audience and an entirely different to impress the likes of Heather B and the SITM citizens. Good thing that pressure meant naturally nothing for DNA and is clearly why you hear Kay Shine effortlessly destroying the cypher.

Oswin Benjamin is a great example of the hunger to make sacrifices spending endless hours on your art in order to get better, no matter how the circumstances around you try to diminish that drive. After admitting he had “Being on SITM” written on his vision board a year ago, the BX artist hops on the mic and makes the most of that vision – killing the Friday Fire Cypher. We can almost guarantee you’re going to want or need at least 3-4 listens, the standard has been elevated once again.


sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

  1. Sloppy reporting Mr. Simmons! No mention of the beats? No mention of Big French? He provided some musical fiyah to the point where all three rappers wanted to rhyme over the same beat during the first freestyle segment. If you are going to give a report or review, give the whole story. Slanted journalism sucks. Props to Big French the producer! Don’t sleep.

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