Friday Fire Cypher: MarvinO Beats, Collective Cypher, Blockstar and Ar-Ab

Friday Fire Cypher: MarvinO Beats, Collective Cypher, Blockstar and Ar-Ab

Videos by PVA Ent

First up was Blockstar Mill who got an invite back to the show after giving us something nice to start this week’s round of heavy spitters. Seems like it would be hard to follow that, especially being the first artist up but AR AB can give out some of the heaviest punchlines in his sleep was more than suited for the job. Basically putting the beat to sleep then finishing it off with an acapella that makes you glad true hyenas still care about bars. Last up was Dee-1 is definitely no stranger to the show and is almost guaranteed to leave every listener in a better place after hearing his delivery.

What happens when you get some of the hungriest hyenas in a room with Harlem’s very own MarvinO Beats? Just looking at his choice of collabs (Dave East, Wale, Max B, Loaded Lux, Jim Jones and more) the answer to that question quickly shows up in the form of New York quality that’s refreshing knowing how much he really studied past sounds to pay homage while creating modern day with a young Nas signed artist. Incredible. Check out his interview to get some background on the creative mind that laced our Friday Fire Cypher with crazy production.

Blockstar Mill, has been on the grind so tough Sway noticed a couple of times in the neighborhood and the young hyena seized the moment. Introducing our own Tracy G to a different language before ripping into some fire production, it goes to show why we all love Fridays so much….plus it was a first!

Hard to think of battle rap or punchlines and not think about AR AB. One of those artists in Philly that gave the city that unspoken but well understood “don’t bring that weak sh*t here and not expect to get embarrassed.” mentality. It’s like something is in the water out there that breeds lyrical giants because for years, they’ve been one of the nicest. It’s part of why Drake mentioned him but more importantly is dude has that GO. Where better to bring that raw Philly delivery than to our Friday Fire Cypher. Check it out.

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