Friday Fire Cypher: J Ness, Bizzy Monroe, and Cash Cow Spit “16s or Better” over Scram Jones Production

Friday Fire Cypher just means it is time to Unleash the Hyenas. Come strong or don’t come at all is becoming the motto as things continue to get better week in and week out – real MCs are showing out.

This week the hungry group got a chance to spit 16s over super producer Scram Jones on the boards, knowing that Scram is one of the guys in the room listening to you go in over his beats should motivate these artists to an entirely different level. Guess what? It did!

First up was J Ness (@JNessCoastWave) who set the tone right and got things jumping making sure we could feel every single punch(line) thrown our way. The style matches the attire rocking the NY Giants t-shirt, this dude sounds like one himself from his delivery and the emphasis placed on each line – who knows…maybe he will one day be considered a New York Giant.

Next up was the one of the realist female MC’s to step onto the Friday Fire Cypher scene Bizzy Monroe @BizzieMonroe). Her storytelling and subject matter almost gives you goosebumps as if you can actually see every step along the way as she cooks up a dope 16, multiple times. You know you’re getting bars when every few lines, it makes you want add that Pusha T “ugggh” with the scrunched up face to accompany it.

Last but far from least as every artist on this Friday Fire Cypher more than held their own, was Cash Cow (@CashCowMovement) who gave his two cents in a couple of 8’s filled with that hustler mentality. His laid back flow settles in smooth over the special drums, leaving us wanting a round 2 from all three artists. Which only on SITM will you actually get – almost as soon as those thoughts formed, the beat switched and they hit the rewind button running another legit 16’s.

Can’t help but love the purity of a 16 bar cypher, just get up and spit like your life depends on it. Home of the Hyenas. Jack Thriller knows a little bit about artists putting up a 16 or better joining the show as well to talk more about the platform he is giving MCs. If you have those bars ready for the world, check it out right here after enjoying the most recent Friday Fire Cypher.

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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