Friday Fire Cypher: Illa Ghee, Dani Devastation, & Gio Martin Freestyle Live & Completely KILL It

Videos by YSKSK Media

This Friday Fire Cypher brought out a couple of rappers that might have been added to our Hyeena list. Introducing Illa Ghee, Dani Devastation, and Gio Martin:

This dude right here has worked with some of the best rap groups from Mobb Deep to Cypress Hill and even the late Sean Price.  Illa Ghee (@IllaGhee2K) is always out for the kill making sure that if you don’t recognize him or you have EVER doubted his rapping that that will just be more fuel to the fire to write up some bomb rhymes.  If you’re not already familar, we suggest you get familar and check him out below.

A flow completely different from any other female artist we’ve heard so far, the energy Dani Devastation (@Dani_Devastation) brought to the table is indescribable.  She’s originally from Harlem, but has lived in every borough of New York, both North and South Jersey, and even South Carolina.  Her name Dani Devastation came about when she realized when she raps, she intimidates and “devastates” her competition.  Check her out below.

There’s no reason you should be sleeping on Jersey rapper Gio Martin (@GiggMusic).  He describes himself as “looking like Macklemore with a flow like Eminem” and pretty much puts all your favorite white rappers to shame.  He’s been rapping for over 6 years now and he says he is finally able to see what he wants to do and blend it with what is needed to be done.  He also feels like he doesn’t necessarily need a cosign to pop off, and that his solo music alone can take him through.  Do you agree?  Check out his freestyle below.

& if their individual freestyles weren’t enough, watch as all three of them put the “fire” in our Friday Fire Cypher and bring complete flames.  Watch below.

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