Friday Fire Cypher: G Fisher and M.A. Rip Through Ed Ape Production

Friday Fire Cypher: G Fisher and M.A. Rip Through Ed Ape Production

Is it time? Hyeeeenas.

As SITM warmed things up for a couple of hyenas, G Fisher and M.A., the well rounded producer Ed Ape came through to provide the background music to dopeness for our Friday Fire Cypher. Coming straight out of Queens equipped with a different type of hunger producing out of necessity, he has been apart of some great records including some work with Bilal and others. He also dropped off a crazy acapella before introducing us to some new music he’s been piecing together.

There are some ladies in the game with that serious go behind the mic but with Nicki Minaj owning that lane, how does the female talent step out and separate themselves? It’s almost impossible to avoid the topic as MA joins us for the Friday Fire Cypher but what better way to answer than with BARS.

Went from being behind bars to giving us his own, G Fisher came through to not only drop some heat for the Friday Fire Cypher but also speak on the journey from the streets to music. A story that may seem like a familiar one but will always continue to provide a unique voice that can’t be heard any other way. Check it out below:

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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