Friday Fire Cypher Featuring Bodega Bamz, D-Shep, Bruza and Erick Sermon

The Rules are simple: Bring your “A” game and come with some of the best 16 bars you have to offer. Right out of the gates, Bodega Bamz took that to heart setting the bar where only true spitters could see – let alone reach. Each artist took his turn ripping apart a diverse beat selection courtesy of Erick Sermon, loved the way we get a mix of freestyle and pen game throughout. All different styles and deliveries, one of the reasons cyphers will never grow old.

We learn a little about each artist following the lyrical onslaught, all motivating those currently dreamchasing further instilling the concept that persistence, timing and patience go hand in hand on the journey. From Bodega Bamz and Bruza separately running into Sway years ago now watching it coming full circle to a few bumps and bruises for D-Shep, it all just shows how persistent they all were/are in their pursuit. Having top notch bars to go along with it doesn’t hurt much either.

Check out the Friday Fire Cypher below and let us know via @SwaysUniverse what you think.

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