Friday Fire Cypher featuring Aphiniti, Spit Gemz, HeadKrack and Michael Rapaport

Fan of bars? You came to the right place as Aphiniti, Spit Gemz and HeadKrack completely destroy the Friday Fire Cypher in front of hilarious Michael Rapaport. Ladies First but for good reason as Aphiniti came correct letting everyone in the room and listening on air know that she is no one to be taken lightly, owning the entire appearance mixing freestyles with a written requested by Sway himself. Spit Gemz delivers more than his share of quotables throughout both rounds, effortlessly leaving us with a few “did he just say that?” moments to enjoy. Last but definitely not least is HeadKrack who mixed humor and witty wordplay in a RIDICULOUS acapella to stand apart from the group. When you get a cypher like this, where every artist brings their “A” game keeping things fresh it is a great reminder of why we love hip hop.

Check out the Friday Fire Cypher right here featuring HeadKrack, Spit Gemz and Aphiniti:

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