Frankie Grande Interview: Being Ariana Grande's Brother, Rise to Fame & Not Apologizing for Being Himself

From Broadway to Big Brother to hosting TV shows, Frankie Grande has done much more than just being Ariana’s brother, although he doesn’t mind being called that.

With the start of his new show “Worst Post Ever” on Oxygen, Grande joins Sway in the Morning to speak on how he got to the position he is in now, his love for social media and always sticking to his guns and being himself.

Glittered head to toe, Grande jokes about needing his own glitter company as he speaks on how he got his start in the business by being in Mamma Mia on broadway.  Grande, who also graduated college as a triple major also touches on how YouTube and social media have paved the way for him on the road to hosting his own show.

Not afraid to speak for himself, Grande speaks on being a proud advocate for the LBGT community and how his grandfather has held such an important part in his life.  We also hear Grande speak on Wendy Williams comments about his sister and why he loves Justin Bieber so much.

Check out the full interview and follow along with Frankie Grande on Twitter @FrankieJGrande.

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