Frank Ocean is Constructing Something Mysterious on his Website’s Live Stream

Frank Ocean is Constructing Something Mysterious on his Website’s Live Stream

The mystique behind Frank Ocean grows larger by the day. The man who brought us the smooth, emotional work of art that is “Channel Orange” has been out of the spotlight for some time with the exception of Kanye West’s Madison Square Garden listening party for “The Life Of Pablo.”

Making an addition to his to his website a few months ago in the form of a time card with dates stamped on it, the internet set fire in anticipation for the project being called “Boys Don’t Cry.” As the date, July 28th, 2016 passed, memes of all sorts flooded people’s timelines and speculation ran wild.

Excitement died down until last night when a cryptic video stream appeared on Ocean’s website, Only working on the Safari browser, the video stream is set in a black and white room with a work bench and a set of speakers. These speakers as Pigeons & Planes reported are an art installation titled “Toyans” by artist Tom Sachs.

The sound of wood sawing has been mixed with white noise for a majority of the stream while faint periods of music does play for minute long periods at a time.

Not many people could keep the short attention span of the internet age’s attention locked on a makeshift shop class project but Ocean has had viewers locked for hours. Surprisingly, constriction work serves as fairly effective white noise while working.

While there’s little information about what Ocean is constructing in the video, one Twitter user came forward months back about someone working on the project spilling information at a bar.

Stay locked for more info as it comes out and until then you can watch Frank Ocean saw away HERE.


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