Fran Drescher Talks "Cancer Schmancer" & Educates Us on Lost Promises in "The Cure" + Fills the Void Explaining "Sickness is Big Business" & Gives Guidance on How To Deal With Cancer

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Fran Drescher speaks on not only being well-known for the hit television comedy series, “The Nanny” — but this ageless beauty also tells everyone that she also co-created and still co-own’s parts of the show that is continuing to run today.

Although she is still reaping the benefits of the show, Fran Drescher shares a different story.

She delves deeper and educates the crew on her new “Cancer Schmancer.” As a 15 year Breast Cancer survivor,  she tells us:

Let me tell you something. 1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 3 women are anticipated to get Cancer in their lifetime. The kids of today, for the first time in U.S. History are predicted to not live as long as their parents … so there’s not going to be a person that is not going to be touched by this or effected by this …

But she doesn’t stop there. Fran continues to express her thoughts and back them up with factual health related information that we all need to pay attention to. She beckons the issue with a daunting question:

What are we doing wrong; that we are all so sick?!

Not only with Cancer, but with all other forms of diseases that are effecting the world, today. Fran Drescher and her team are looking at how to prevent illness and the lost promises in the health industry saying, “Sickness is big business.” With that being said, Fran wants to change that, so she and her Cancer Schmancer Movement teams are going to be kicking off Gay Pride Week in New York City this Father’s Day — as she hosts a huge cocktail party cruise where all proceeds go towards her cause. Visit or for more information.

Watch this interview, below — to get the full explanation of exactly what she means and how to go about dealing with a person you love having to deal with Cancer stating, “side-by-side with pain, lies joy.

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