Founder Of FUBU Says The Brand Is Still Alive and Thriving

Founder Of FUBU Says The Brand Is Still Alive and Thriving

In a recent interview with, J. Alexander Martin admits his FUBU brand is still thriving and growing. He detailed how FUBU is involved with the Black Lives Matter movement, and how the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t stopped him in his endeavors. Martin said his brand has always been in the marketplace despite the diminishing market share over time. But he admitted it’s just the nature of doing business.  He said they restructured their business specifically relating to distribution. FUBU is now primarily a licensing company that has taken advantage of what they stand on and that’s the principles and values of “For Us, By Us” and their dedication to the culture of hip-hop music. They’ve signed global licensing deals for men’s, ladies’, and kids’ apparel, which have rescheduled to launch–due to the COVID-19 virus–[in] fall 2020. They have also collaborated with #BlackLivesMatter to create a line of t-shirts, hats, and hoodies.

J. Alexander Martin also spoke about his newly formed FUBU network and admitted it was his brainchild. He mentioned their distribution on Comcast VOD, Roku, OTT networks, and their digital network, We also recently signed distribution deals with Verizon/Yahoo slated for late fall 2020. They have shows starring Lamar Odom & Sabrina Parr, Lil Boosie,  Charli Baltimore and Zab Super Judah, and more. Martin also talks about his Radio station started by Keith Perrin, FUBU Radio. The station was started out of frustration of hearing the same 20 songs played on terrestrial radio. He wanted to be able to also have a voice in the community as well as uplift, educate, empower, and entertain our audience with music and life-changing content. FUBU Radio signed a partnership deal with iHeartRadio a year ago and are working on another partnership as we speak with FUBU Radio’s fan base is worldwide with listeners in the UK, USA, South Africa, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Netherlands, and Denmark who tune in regularly.

Another business inside the FUBU brand would be HotelFUBU. “Combining more than 30 years of professional real estate and commercial development experience, hotelFUBU represents the new millennium of real estate innovators utilizing technology and lifestyle branding to debut new concepts for a new era of consumers and communities. We currently have three locations in development in NY Times Square, downtown Brooklyn, and South Beach Miami.” J. Alexander said in the interview. “The culture is our DNA. We wouldn’t be who we are, or have made such an impact without being true to oneself. We are African American Black men navigating in a country that thinks less of us. That gives us the strength to keep going. As Black men, we have to stick together. We are all we got! For Us By Us!!” He concluded.

To learn more about what J Alexander Martin and FUBU have going on, check out his full interview here.

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