Former MLB Star Manny Ramirez Signs Japanese Contract

Former MLB Star Manny Ramirez Signs Japanese Contract

We all love sports and for us all there are certainly sports stars that we cannot seem to get enough of. Well former Boston Red Sox slugger, Manny Ramirez is one of those players. Well, today the word hits the e-streets that Former MLB Star Manny Ramirez Signs Japanese Contract, which is packed full of some unique details and elements. Manny Ramirez signed a contract with the Kochi Island Fighting Dogs as part of the Japanese independent Shikoku Island League.

However, it is his contract that is getting all of the attention. Part of Manny’s agreement includes his No. 99 Fighting Dogs jersey which will have only “Manny” on the back. Manny will also get unlimited sushi for the entire season, a personal Mercedes with a driver, his own hotel suites on road trips, as well as optional practice. This unique contract has certainly turned some heads, and can definitely be filed under “Manny being Manny.” Speak your thoughts on the news and stay tuned for much more from the world of sports coming soon!

Photo: MLB

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