Flying Made Easy With The Cirrus Vision Jet

Flying Made Easy With The Cirrus Vision Jet

Look, traveling is great, it is fun, and it is also a bit of a hassle. Imagine traveling without the hassle and easily flying your own jet wherever you please. The Cirrus Vision Jet aims to offer exactly that, doing so with a decade of development. The Vision boasts a rather interesting design, rocking a Williams turbofan placed in a “piggyback” placement. The design is said to be an easy jet to fly while producing 1,800 pounds of thrust.

It is capable of taking off in just 2,000 feet which is perfect for smaller airports. With a top cruising speed of 345 mph, a top range of 1,380 miles and seating for up to seven adults, this is an incredible way to travel. The cockpit is host to Garmin-built touchscreen controls letting you plot your course with the simple tap of a map. For safety purposes, the ride has a carbon fiber fuselage hooked to a Cirrus Airframe Parachute System just in case things go wrong. Check out the design in the images and learn more at Cirrus immediately!

Photos provided by Cirrus

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