First Aid with Kelly Kinkaid: Traveling the World with Keysha Baynes, Passport Advice and ‘Travel Rookies’ Program

For those who have a fear of traveling or never have gotten on a plane, this segment of First Aid with Kelly Kinkaid is for you. Or maybe you have been a few places but haven’t got a passport just yet, listening to our guest Keysha Baynes experience overseas may just provide that needed boost to get yours.

But at the same time pay attention to her quick list of essential do’s and don’ts while traveling – anything can happen at anytime, a story told by our very own Kelly expresses that even more so.

Preparing travelers for the great experience of different cultures but also providing reminders about often overlooked items like Traveler’s insurance is probably what helped earn our guest the nickname Coach Key. As she gives listeners a great resource through her ‘Travel Rookies‘ program, callers chime in with similar stories and tips of their own.

Check it out below and go see a new city, state or country this year |

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