First Aid with Kelly Kinkaid: Muhammad Ali's Daughter, May May Ali, & Carol Walton Educate on Parkinson's Disease

Fact: The first book report that Sway had ever written in school was on the great Muhammad Ali.

On this edition of First Aid with Kelly Kinkaid, we welcome Ali’s daughter, Maryum (May May) Ali, and Carol Walton, CEO of Parkinson’s Alliance. Both women stopped by Sway in the Morning to educate us on Parkinson’s Disease.

“[It’s] when your brain stops producing a chemical called dopamine and that really controls movement.” Explains Walton.

“You must be seen by a movement disorder specialist — a neurologist with an extra 2 years of training.”

Watch below for more information on Parkinsons, how it affects the body and how you can help. Head over to to learn more.

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