Capping off March and Women’s History Month last week, our very own Kelly Kinkaid invited a very special guest for her First Aid segment. Senior Vice President at Centric TV, Michele Thornton has climbed the ranks with her strategic thought process.

After another mother from her daughter’s school sent Thornton a text message about her parenting ‘strategy,’ the idea for a new book was born. Setting aside one hour each night, Thornton was able to piece together “Stratechic: Life & Career Winning Strategies for Women.” Putting an emphasis on focus, attention and self-awareness, Thronton stresses that everyone, even men, should write out their goals and balance the things they truly want to accomplish.

With a true passion for success and helping others, Thornton’s message is powerful and refreshing. You can keep up with Michele Thornton on Twitter @ThorntonMichele and purchase a copy of “Stratechic” via Amazon.

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