First Aid with Kelly Kinkaid: Hip Hop Public Health Conversation with Doug E Fresh and Dr. Williams

Mind, Body and Spirit.

Thanks to the Obama administration September puts the focus on our future, the children and their health, dedicating these 30 days to Childhood Obesity Awareness. Not only obesity issues but health concerns that affect many children throughout the nation, largely in our inner cities, are sometimes forgotten or ignored until it is too late. By the time they are adults, many have never gotten the proper foundation to actually live and lead a healthy life – this is one thing that has to change and Doug E. Fresh along with Dr. Williams have taken action through Hip Hop Public Health.

The two stopped by to discuss the health of our children with Kelly Kinkaid and share more about the program’s goals and initiatives like participating in the “Let’s Move Campaign” which is led by the first lady herself. 1 in 6 children are obese, a fact that is seemingly swept under the rug by many. Dr. Williams hopes to bridge the gap between Hip Hop and Public Health remixing the nation’s perception on what is truly important. The influence that Hip Hop has not only on the youth but the culture in general should be used for growth and positive community development, this is a great step in that direction. Artists touch on cars, jewels and money often but at the end of the day – Good Health is True Wealth.

Check out the full conversation below and learn more about the Hip Hop Public Health organization HERE.

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