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Over the weekend famous herbalist Dr. Sabi from Honduras passed away. Known to have seen celebrities for a range of ailments his techniques were mostly denied by western medicine. Putting out the call to herbalists to speak on his practices and other homeopathic remedies our very own Kelly Kinkaid found Dr. Shardee Roebuck of Tulsa, Oklahoma to speak on alternative forms of medicine.

Starting the conversation Dr. Roebuck says that most of her clients come to her for weight loss consultation in which she recommends drinking green tea. The herbs in the tea help with cutting fat and can even help lower the rate of obtaining certain types of cancer.

With the Olympics taking center stage over the last few weeks Kinkaid asks Dr. Roebuck about cupping which has been used by athletes like Michael Phelps. Revealing that the alternative form of medicine was first discovered thousands of years ago in Egypt she says the painless process uses fire to trap moisture and create the suction to hold.

Going forward Dr. Roebuck speaks on being careful when finding an herbalist as she recommends searching in the American Herbalist Guild to find someone with vast experience.

For more information you can follow Dr. Roebuck on Instagram @bimi_health or visit her website

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